3D Golf Coaching

mySwing 3D Golf Coaching

Experience the first wireless, indoor – outdoor, and full body motion capture tool that is dedicated to golf.

What is 3D Motion capture and why does this latest technology improve your golf stroke?

For an average golfer, feeling the correct swing can be difficult. Even when it feels  every aspect of the movement is correct, there can be subtle flaws that you just cant feel.

MySwing uses 3D motion capture technology to record exactly how your body moves and then provides useful feedback.

In three steps MySwing will improve your golf swing. The  wearable sensors capture every movement via wireless and sends them to the software, the data is analysed providing quantifiable  metrics for each swing. Each and every swing is saved  for future analysis.

Unlike other 3D motion capture systems, MySwing is quick and easy and  3D gives information that cannot really be seen with naked eye or video, e.g. how much someone is bent over at address, or how much someone has tilted away from, or towards,  the target.

MySwing 3D technology is much more than traditional camera shots or video; it gives distinct and accurate numbers  that can be used to improve your swing.

A golfer can be calibrated and ready to swing in less than 15 minutes with a total of 17 lightweight sensors placed on the body and one on the golf club.  Read below what Dennise has to say:

“Unlike video-based 2D line-drawing programs, the 3D software provides actual measurements for rotations, tilts, angles, kinematic sequence and more.  Perhaps the most powerful element of the MySwing software is “training mode”, which lets you reinforce the right movements with instantaneous biofeedback. It’s insightful and fun – bring your thinking cap, a bottle of water and be ready to see your swing like you’ve never seen it before!

In the training mode, we can isolate the specific angles, tilts or rotations that we want to improve upon and specify our desired range of movement. When we “go live” in training mode, the system captures your movements in real time. When you are within the desired range, the screen changes colour and a tone sounds to let you know you’re on the right track. This type of practice really helps us bridge the gap between perception and reality while making practice interesting and fun!”

Dennise will conduct a bioswing dynamic screening prior to the 3D to ensure she knows what your natural swing looks like. Then the 17 body sensors are attached and create your avatar. Be ready to experience what few elite golfers have experienced.

This technology is a swing changer.

To book a session, please contact Dennise.