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Clinic & School Dates

Dates to remember.

Aimpoint Clinic Green Reading Clinic 2 – Bonnie Doon GC

Sunday 14th November 2pm to 4 pm
Max 4 golfers $200pp
Class Notes Provided

Supervised Swing Clinic 2 hours – Bonnie Doon GC

17th November 3pm to 5 pm & 15th December 3pm to 5pm
Max 4 golfers $125pp
Must have had a lesson of Dennise in last 2 years

Half Day Short Clinic – Bonnie Doon GC

1st December 9.30am to 1.30pm
Putting Chipping and Pitching with a coffee break
Max 4 golfers $240pp
2 spots available

ProGolfGals 3 Day Schools are back
Read more on the ProGolfGals website

For any further information, please contact Dennise.