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Dates to remember.

Aimpoint  Green Reading Clinic Express1 & 2 – Bonnie Doon GC
Sunday   15th  January 2023  3:30pm to 5:30pm
Class Notes Provided
Max 6 golfers $200pp

Supervised Swing Clinic 90 minutes and  2 hours – Bonnie Doon GC

Wednesday  25th January  3pm to 5pm   2hours

Thursday 23rd February 2023  3 :30pm to 5pm  90 Mins

 Max 4 golfers $135pp(2hours)  $80pp (90Minutes)
Must have had a lesson of Dennise in last 2 years

Half Day Short Schools – Bonnie Doon GC
 March date TBA  9:45 amam to 1:30 pm 2023

Putting Chipping , Pitching  and how to practice like a pro
Coffee break, videos and workbook
Max 6  golfers $250pp

Full  Day Short game Intensive and Full Swing Improvement Golf  School – Bonnie Doon GC TBC
 Tuesday  7th February 2023  9:45am to 5:30:pm

Short game intesive with Full swing  BioSwing Mechanics Screening
Short Game  including Bunkers
Some  on course application

Max 4 people $490 pp

Workbook, videos through skillest,morning coffee  light lunch and on course  fee included
Limited number per year


Two and Half  Hour On Course Coaching Experience- Bonnie Doon GC

Tuesday 3rd January 2023 3:30pm to 6pm

Tuesday  17th  January  2023 3:15 pm to 6pm

Max 4 people $200 pp

Improve your thinking and strategy on course. Drop shot many shots of your score. Understand whereand how  you need to practice  to lower your scores. Learn how to reduce tension on the course  to improve scoring.

Included workbook , specially designed scoring and practice  card ,    carts if available



ProGolfGals 3 Day Schools are back in 2023 www.progolfgals.com.au




ProGolfGals 3 Day Schools are back in 2023 www.progolfgals.com.au