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Clinic & School Dates

Dates to remember.

Aimpoint  Green Reading Clinic Express1 & 2 – Bonnie Doon GC
Thursday 11th August 2022  1pm to 3pm
Class Notes Provided
Max 6 golfers $200pp

Supervised Swing Clinic 2 hours – Bonnie Doon GC
Wednesday 10th August 2022  1:30 to 3:30pm
Max 4 golfers $135pp
Must have had a lesson of Dennise in last 2 years

Half Day Short Schools – Bonnie Doon GC
Thursday 28th July  2022 – 10am to 2 pm
Putting Chipping , Pitching  and how to practice like a pro
Coffee break, videos and workbook
Max 6  golfers $250pp

Full  DayShort game Intensive and Full Swing Improvement Golf  School – Bonnie Doon GC
Wednesday 17th August 10am to 4:40pm OR Wednesday 21st September 10:00am to 4:30pm
Full swing with BioSwing Mechanics Screening
Short Game  including Bunkers
Some  on course application
Max 4 people $490 pp
Limited number per year

ProGolfGals 3 Day Schools are back
17th July to 23rd July 2022 BOOK NOW!!
ProGolfGals Escape the winter golf in Qld 
Read more on the ProGolfGals website

For any further information, please contact Dennise.