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Golf Risk Management

Dennise talking the risks

Hinge and turn exercise

How to improve your golf swing

How to stay connected

Dennise talks how to stay connected

Impact Bag

How to use an impact bag correctly

Importance of pre-shot routine

Stop rushing, take your time and use this pre-shot routine to overcome your nerves

Keep your ball position simple

Keep it simple and find the ball position that suits your swing by following this simple tip

Love your club selection

Taking a club you feel most comfortable with and forgetting about the loss of a few metres.

MySwing 3D Success Story

Dennise Hutton and David Nevell Success Story

Point your guns for great posture

Point your guns for good posture

Reducing stress on the course

Dennise Hutton gives us a great little tip to help relieve stress out on the golf course.

Stop lifting up on your shots

How to stop lifting through the golf shot, a great drill and image to improve your swing

Stop trying so hard!

Life says try harder, next time you head to the course, try less and enjoying your round.

Weak or strong grip?

Dennise Hutton takes us through some of the basics to finding that correct grip.

What flightscope can do for you

Dennise Hutton on what FlightScope can do for your game

The perfect length backswing

Find your perfect length backswing for your age and flexibility.