Golf Tips

Video Golf Tips

I hope you find these tips useful. For a diagnosis and for personalised advice, please contact me.

Alignment Tips

How to get a system to get correct alignment

Anti Over The Top Drill

How to stop coming over the top and increase your distance and accuracy

Anti-Scoop Drill

Dennise shows an anti-scoop drill

Avoiding Penalty Shots

Lower your score by avoiding penalty shots

Bunkers made simple

Simple bunker technique

Golf Drill

Drill to improve wrist hinge on backswing

Coil Drill

Dennise showing a coil drill

3D Training with Peter Crocker

My first experience being the student on MYSWING 3D with Peter Crocker

Talking to Jay about balance

MySwing Balance and Pressure plates

Do I need new clubs?

Do you need new clubs or golf lessons?

Downswing Drill

Downswing drill at Bonnie Doom GC

Essential Putting Warm Up

Two drills for essential putting warmup

Follow Through Drill

Follow through drill at Bonnie Doon GC

Front post side cover golfer

An exercise drill on top golfer front post golfer using BioSwing Dynamics screening.